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  1. That is really strange, because the files IDECOI.DLL and NVATABUS.INF (not the NVATA.CAT) are absolutely needed for the successful install of the SataRaid drivers.Is it possible, that you installed the SataRaid drivers twice (as TEXTMODE and PnP)? I really can't say, I just added the drivers looking up the directory. I am not a nlite expert. As far as I can tell it added the drivers as Textmode. Windows Setup detected the nvidia raid before asking whether to partition or format the drive. It was after this while copying the files over to the new installation that setup said it could not find the files. Again, just hitting ESC for all the "missing" files would still work. In nlite RC7 the resulting installation would result in an endless bsod reboot cycle, in RC5 it would startup fine. Hope this helps. As a BTW, in RC5 I got the annoying undeletable c:/program files/xerox, netmeeting, etc directories, while in RC4 and below this did not happen. I wish someone could tell me whats up with that.
  2. It would be helpful, if you give us some informations about your system (mainboard, chipset, hdd's) and the name of the files, which could not be found by the XP setup.CU Fernando I was trying to install Windows XP Prof Service Pack 2 on a Shuttle XPC SN25P, with Nvidia Nforce4 AMD drivers on a nvraid with two 74GB Raptors. The files that wouldn't copy were the ones related to the nvraid driver itself (nvata/cat. odecoi.dll, nvatabus.inf, etc). The strange thing is, is that the system worked fine even after ignoring with cancel (ESC) the files that wanted setup to copy.
  3. I just want to point out that after I spent countless hours trying to integrate these drivers, I discovered that it doesn't work with nlite rc7 (would get bsod when staring windows for first time). It finally worked using nlite rc5. I would still get a lot of 'setup cannot find x file' but can still work hitting esc.