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  1. Does your system shutdown instantly or do you get the shutdown message box about system going down in like 20-30 secs ?? There's this one virus doing that.. I'd suggest you scan your complete system with the latest virus definition updates..
  2. I am not quite sure what exactly you mean by that. But if you mean if it is possible to crunch down windows files in size,then the answer is yes. UPX works perfectly for this. There is also an executeable packer called FSG (Fast Small Good) which packs even better than UPX but I am not sure if it works on Win9x ...
  3. Hello. Just to let you know... I installed your USB driver pack on: Windows 98 Finnish ,and it works 100%. So seems it works also for normal Win98 and non-english versions aswell..
  4. I use Regsupreme Pro..works like a dream... (same guy behind JS16 tools or whatever its called..)
  5. I suggest you get PowerQuest (I guess Symantec now) DriveImage (2002),imho THE BEST. It may be possible perhaps to "integrate" that feature off WinME into Win98SE ... I can try it some time,since I have both OS'es..
  6. Winternals NTFS4DOS PROfessional 5.0 gives you FULL READ/WRITE access to NTFS partitions.. It may work to load up the drivers before win98 launches so u can access+write all ntfs partitions in windows as well..