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  1. Well my situation is different from others who have posted here so far (and I'm glad!). It turns out that I had a bad floppy that came NF4 SLI Expert. So while I was waiting for nLite to finalize, a buddy sent me his copy, and it worked! But I've read this post front and back, and actually understand some of it now. Sorry for the false alarm and for wasting space/time. Keep up the great work! Still keeping my fingers crossed (just in case), Arli
  2. Omg Fernando I'm reading this post and hoping that this is what will work for me. I just put together the following system this morning: DFI NF4 SLI-DR Expert, 4400+ Toledo, 2 gig OCZ dual chan ram, 2 x 74 gig Raptor HDD, and some other fun stuff. Anyway, after i got it to boot up I tried to set up RAID for the hdd's using this manual, but when i got to the part where you put in the floppy that came with the DFI board to install the SATA raid drivers, i got a message saying the oeminf.txt file (or something like that) was corrupt. So i got another copy of an updated set of drivers and a different file in that set was corrupt. So then I came across this and I hope this is what my problem is. I'm going to try it in the morning. As I understand it I just need a copy of winxp (i have it), nlite (i'll get it) and the up-to-date drivers (i'll get them). And them burn an .iso using nlite and the first post instructions. My only question is, will your method be a substitute for the initial process which requires the sata raid drivers on a floppy? Thanks so much and keep your fingers crossed for me.