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  1. I have tried all the steps in the original post using XP x64 build 1830 (and the 6.67 drivers). I used just the RAID drivers to make sure there are no other conflicts. When installing I see my RAID drive, and setup lets me install on it. The RAID BIOS version is 5.5. The problem is after the first reboot. I get the windows XP boot screen, and as it fades from black, it freezes right at the beginning (The logo is there but is really faint. I had this problem w/ my other motherboard from time to time as well) Does anyone know what is going on behinds that boot screen at that time? The second time I rebooted I got a "MACHINE_CHECK_ERROR" (Again I had this problem w/ the other MB as well) The third reboot, I got the windows XP installation screen, and then after 2 minutes (34 Minutes left) it froze The fourth reboot, I got the windows XP installation screen, and past the key entry then I got a BSOD, "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION" I have 2 Hitachi SATA II 80 GB Drives in RAID 0. I had many problems w/ random reboots, and I actually changed out my mother board (From ASUS A8n SLI to A-Bit KN8 SLI). The only devices on the system are a single PCI-e 6800GX XFX Video card, 4 of those hitachi drives (2 disabled in the bios), and a DVD Drive for the install. I have tried using the ASUS supplied RAID Drivers, the updated ASUS RAID Drivers, the NVIDIA RAID drivers from the 6.69 chipset zip, and the 6.67 from this article.
  2. Sorry, wrong thread.