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  1. what's your computer's performance?

    I get 4,5 only be course of my old ram that i'm useing fried the new ones but i'm saveing mony to some new..
  2. How to make XP / Vista dual-boot Independently

    Okay thx i'm not use to do these kinda things <sorry for being nooby>
  3. How to make XP / Vista dual-boot Independently

    Nice info thx allot have just done it on my back op pc but is it possible to do i with Vista installed as the first OS ? without uninstalling my current vista?
  4. From 32 bit to 64 bit ?

    Okay thx for the info... ****.. i just got my hands on a 32 bit legal vista but i really want 64 bit
  5. From 32 bit to 64 bit ?

    hey. I have a 32 bit vista business how do i upgrade it to 64 bit ?
  6. Windows XP SP3...!

    kk and thx i just wannet to know for sure. and is this not english???... lol
  7. Win XP or Server 2003

    / <= me after reading all this... LOL Windows server 2003 is the best OS ever... it is fast and its sabil... and ALL progams, drivers and games run on it (or ofcuz the XP changeing progams does not work but why the he|| use em). to get directx"all vs." go to = http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en and remember or learn it now. srv 2K3 is made from NT so if you need a driver try the Xp vs. if it dont work try the driver for Windows NT if you want to run windows server 2003. use the guide to convert it to a workstation =) but read it 2 or more times befro doing it and skip the stuff you think that arnt usefull and you maybe are to go Download TweakNT if you want to i know that MSFN dont MAY show it a a link any more but it is to find on google and the TweakUI read the guide to make it wiew abel in control panel adn download the new vs. it's a good tool if you dont want to use the NT one
  8. Windows XP SP3...!

    i have heard some ppl talk abouth that MS is trying to make a new PS for XP and they are starting from base 0 becuz they know that PS 2 "arnt so good" if you all know waht i mean by that ""big time crap"" so i just want to hear if some one knows some thing abouth this or have heard some rumers. ???
  9. Hello to you all

    Hello to you all nice to be here whit you all im from fionia. 16 yeahs old and are okay whit computer work. sorry guys you can't have my real name