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  1. HOWTO create a fully up to date XP x64 DVD (EoL Feb 2016)

    Same problem here. Those two fixes fail. No other issues, though. I am using the updatepack.
  2. What Not To Remove For Some Programs

    "Extreme Movie Manager" needs "Help and Support" and possibly all Group/Local Policy Console stuff, including the administrator scripts and templates. Otherwise you get the famous "this database is not compatible" error. XMM is based on .NET and requires MDAC.
  3. About Pasting Session Files

    In an effort to contribute to this forum, I would like to remind everyone of how important it is to attach instead of paste your session files. I often search information by name on components nLite can remove. However, the search returns a lot of junk because of pasted session files from users that removed that component. Useful information is therefore very hard to get. I am sure most of you are aware of this problem. I know it is hard to get people to do things properly, but I hope a few users will read and heed this topic. Perhaps this non-sense will be reduced a little. Greetings
  4. What Not To Remove For Some Programs

    It would be wonderful if people stopped pasting their session files and started attaching them. Nowadays it is very hard to find relevant information about components nLite can remove since searching includes the text pasted from session files.
  5. No My Computer in Explorer

    Same problem here. Some things never get outdated.
  6. Windows2k 137gb nlite prob?

    It is called "large partition support". No wonder the searching is difficult.
  7. Most Wonderful Tool *EVER*

    Geek, with all the due respect, I wasn't talking to you. It was a rhetorical question, so no need for answers, even less of the smart-a** type. The relevant part of my reply was totally ignored, which had to do with breaking XML support by use of nLite.
  8. Most Wonderful Tool *EVER*

    Let's donate? I see you are new around here What have you done to get banned? By the way, I am trying to import a XML configuration file into a .NET program without success. Is it possible to break XML support with nLite?
  9. NoFind Registry Tweak

    Hi everyone. Just want to say that I can't get nLite to correctly apply the registry tweak "NoFind"=dword:00000001" in the registry ([HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer]). It has been so for as long as I can remember. Cheers
  10. Ethernet Home Network Requirements

    Thanks for the reply. I should mention that all needed drivers were integrated and that the NIC is working. I have access to the Internet, but can't setup a network. In the mean time I made an yet more aggressive INI using XP Home SP3 RTM and the network is back. Still, I am interested in knowing why my nLite/XPpro/SP3 configuration doesn't work.
  11. Ethernet Home Network Requirements

    So I am totally addicted to Nlite and now I am having health issues because I can't connect anymore to my laptops within my home network. I use an Ethernet modem/router to network my desktop with two ancient laptops, all using XP . One of them is visible under my network places and I can also access it with the map network drive utility, but the other laptop isn't reachable at all. Now I would like you to please have a look through my INI and maybe point out where the mistake is. I must say that AFAIK the only services needed for an wired home network are the Server Service and the Workstation Service, so I make sure they are enabled. If you have any questions, just ask. Thanks! LAST_SESSION.INI
  12. Most Wonderful Tool *EVER*

    I agree, Nuhi is the man!
  13. deleted

    thread resolved
  14. What Not To Remove For Some Programs

    Don't remove "Printer Support" nor "Microsoft Color Management (ICM)" in the Hardware Support section section if you want to run the Nvidia Display Optimization Wizard (nvcolor.exe). One of those things that makes it tricky but also fun to use nLite. Pretty soon I will be finding out which service(s) prevents installation of .Net Framework when deleted with the beta version 1.4. News: I just managed to confirm what was posted by Legolash2o about not being able to install .Net Framework if the "Net Logon Service" is removed. This service will probably be either excluded from nLite's remove list or at least be shown in red.
  15. deleted

    thread resolved