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  1. Hiya Fernando 1 Thanks heaps!!! Ive got it sorted now.I was doing everything right intergrating nvidia drivers and creating the bootable cd.My problem been i was using the windows wizard to burn my cd ,as i dont have nero and apparently my dvd writer isnt supported by Nero.Anyway i ended up downloading Imgburn program and using that,very cool. I also made sure that the cd was first bootable devce like you said.Im so pleased. Thankyou so much "You DA the MAN"!! B) Nlite ROCKS
  2. Hiya guys/girls Im haven a few problems with this nlite.Well i dont really know if its nlite that is the problem. Ive managed to use nlite and intergrate the nvidia drivers and create a iso xp disc.But when i use that disc to run install nothing happens at the boot from cd/dvd prompt.whats up?.Im not all that clued up on computers so basic english/simple terms would be great. Thanks Mike