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  1. I recall in XP, there was a way to have the battery icon ONLY appear in systray if on battery, and when plugged in, it would, disappear. Can this be done in Vista/7, if so, how? Some help would be great. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'll stuck with tryin to get the burn to DVD option in Windows Movie Maker. Is there some way it can be done?
  3. bump
  4. I have XP Media Center 2005 SP2, and would like to upgrade my XP Pro SP2 to it. But, i need to know if this will wipe out all my Windows security updates, etc. If so, will i be able to install them again? Actually, is there some way i can ONLY install the option to save/burn a movie to DVD via Movie Maker? Then, i could just leave everything else alone. Some help would be great. Thanks in advance.
  5. I created a new limited account user, and whenever i toggle Single-click on via Folder Options-->General-->'Single-click to open an item (point to select)' the underline that appears on icons, files, folder will NOT go away. Of course, i ticked the option to 'Underline icon titles only when i point at them' but the underline STILL remains there, even after a logout or restart! It only seems to work for Administrators, how about for a limited, NON-admin user?? Some help would be great. Thanks in advance.
  6. I found a better way to allocate files/folders by adding 'Move To' and 'Copy To' to Win Explorer, instead. Now, i can NOT uninstall Send To Powertoy in XP from Add/Remove programs. How do i get rid of it?
  7. I'm wondering if there's a way to add "browse" in the 'Send To' menu? That way, i can send a file or folder to anywhere on my drive. I'm using XP Pro, btw. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks a lot for this reference.
  9. Ah, you see, that's what confused me. I thought RAID and IDE are two different technologies, how would RAID mode somehow emulate IDE? How does Windows 98 even support RAID?? Do i have to setup a RAID array? Or can i leave the drive as JBOD
  10. Where in the BIOS do i set a SATA drive(s) in IDE mode on an ASrock 4Coredual-SATA2 R2 board? Thanks in advance.
  11. That worked. Thx!
  12. Anyone ever figure this out? Is it even possible in Reshack?
  13. Unforunately, these guides just tell you how to modify or change the text, but i want NO text on the Start button. What is the correct syntax or format? Do the quotation marks still need to be there?
  14. Most guides just explain how to edit or change the text, what about getting rid of it completely? I'm using Resource Hacker. Thanks in advance.
  15. I want to edit the Menu bar in XP (where 'File' 'Edit' 'Tools' etc. are) it's also in Control Panel and Windows Explorer,too. How would go about doing this in Reshack? Thanks in advance.