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  1. Yep, my mistake. I edited the correct library name in my post. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Fernando! Awesome contribution you have made After two unsuccessful attempts, I succeeded I think I was most confused by the early replies and different driver folder structure of the v6.70 drivers. However, after copying the 3 necessary files to the sataraid directory, success! My configuration consists of a SLI-DR motherboard, two SATA drives in a healthy raid0 array, and Windows XP Pro (32-bit). So to future users, this is what I did: 1) Downloaded v6.70 Nvidia drivers. Extracted contents. 2) Copied Nvatabus.inf and nvcoi.dll to the "sataraid" directory FROM the "legacy" directory. 3) Copied nvata.cat from the "sata_ide" directory to the "sataraid" directory. 4) Using NLite, add the driver inf file from the sataraid directory ONLY (don't do anything with legacy, etc). 5) You can add other drivers (ethernet, etc). 6) Be sure to select an unattended setup option. 7) Burn your bootable ISO. 8) Install sit back and drink a beverage of your choice (No need to hit F6 or anything). Good stuff!