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  1. Vista unattended Guide

    Hi, i did a complete new unattended DVD and it worked like a charm. Seemes tio be my Version i made with vLite that causes the trouble with the unattended.xml file. Yeah really nice guide here, thnx for this.
  2. Vista unattended Guide

    Hi, i have probably named it autounattend.xml just wrote it wrong in the post but ill check. I havent tried the source folder version yet, will do that tonight. Ill let you know asap if that works. Im testing with a burned dvd and a real pc <-- old fashioned but more fualt resistant @Yager ill try your config file and see if i have something wrong in mine. Thnx for the quick answers.
  3. Vista unattended Guide

    Hi, i followed your guidelines and started the install. It still asks for the Serial number as if it couldnt find the Unattended.xml file. I tried it on cd and on usb stick. I checked the tutorial and my dvd twice and it seems allright any ideas why ?
  4. Hi, as far as i searched for that a long time ago and as far as i know theres no way to do that. You can let XP Installation format the HD but then it takes the WHOLE HD and does 1 C: Partition.... correct me if im wrong
  5. Man now he removed the serial and you post it again.......pretty useless to post it in quotes... Could any admin take that out of that post?
  6. Thnx a lot dark, thats what i needed ) Cheers
  7. Hi Guys, i just integrated all Post SP2 Hotfixes with NLite. Is there a way to see what hotfixes are installed in my XP Pro when i install XP with that Nlite CD? I can just see a few hotfixes, not all... even with [hotfix.exe] /l i only get a few hotfixes listed. After i install them from my hotfix CD they are all there. I just want to be sure that all hotfixes are installed without using the Windows Update Tool. Cheers
  8. Introducing WISCON

    Heyas, is there a way to include the serial number to change at this point? and maybe a Registration set to integrate at this point. If that would work i would be set with just one cd )
  9. $Docs problem

    I think you can copy your files to the personal folder. If you copy them directly with your install windows does another profile with a User."Group or Domain name" profile name. If you copy the files at the startup after the install reboot it works.
  10. Adding Installers...

    Heyas, just create a .....$OEM$\$1\INSTALL Folder and they will be copied to your windows partition. The name of the folder is free configurable, but without folder all your installation files and folders will be copied to the root of your windows partition. I myself did this with my AIOCD and it works perfect. Use ..$OEM$\$$\ for files you want to copy into the windows folder and $OEM$\$DOCS\ for files you want to have in your documents and settings folder.
  11. Heyas, it does with my Boot CD..... The message:"Press Any key to boot from CD " always appears before my boot menu appears. ???? Thought that was the default on any boot cd....
  12. Hi, you gotta format the first partition by hand. That means in the setup menu. The partitioning in winnt.sif is only per physical disk afaik. Put the license number from your OEM Version in winnt.sif and it will install over your preinstalled version. Best way is to format the partition where windows is installed and do a clean new install cheers
  13. CurrentControlSet

    Ahh thnx a lot Chunkdog.
  14. CurrentControlSet

    Heyas, could anyone of you explain what purpose CurrentControlset, ControlSet001, etc have in Registry? Just curious about that. Thnx in advance. AirMR
  15. Hi, my Ghost 2003 Boot CD works fine, so its not the "cataloug" feature. I packed the Boot Floppy into an image and refer to that image with diskemu. Works like a charm