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  1. use the AutoPlay Studio or just modify your Setup.exe by reshack , in the section [bITMAP] you will find the backround so change it to anything you want , but be sure that the picture have a *.bmp format
  2. great job , but is there is a way to include them to our windows , like making them *.cab and then just integrate them , so that those will be like the standard icons of windows ????
  3. i alredy have that , but the pack is not full !!! some icons are not included , so that why i ask someone to post his shell32.dll totaly transformed to Vista P.S it can be that maybe there is 70% of vista icons and 30% of something else , pls help
  4. does anyone have a shell32.dll that is totaly transformed to VISTA ICONS ???? if someone does , pls post it here as attachement , will be very thankfull
  5. thx people , i will chek it tonight , momently i am at school
  6. hi people i have all the vista icons in png format (size 256x256) , how can i convert them to ico format , cause i want to make my own shell32.dll , pls help
  7. amit , i have done what you said installed the pack on my current system , copied the modyfied dll from system32 directory , i have copied those thems from Resources directory and where is the directory of icons ?????