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  1. @ChrisBaksa Thx for your response. I've already set the DHCP Options (66) to set the path, but it is not available after the boot of WinPE. The only Path i'm able to get (within the registry) is the IPAddress of the DHCP-Server itself, but not the Path to the PXE-Server.
  2. Hi there, is there a possibility to determine the remote boot server after WinPE has booted up from Ramdisk? One topic here describes the way to get the path if RIS is used, but we aren't using RIS, therefore the RegKey doesn't exists. Thanks in advance ;-)
  3. The RegistryPath is not available if not using RIS. Is there another way to get the path if not using RIS? How RIS set this path to the registry? Can i do this within the Winnt.sif? Thanx for your help.