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  1. Glad you found it! It was an update for security protocols, and the main thing it cured for me was that Opera 12.17 kept on suddenly shutting down all the time for no apparent reason, which was very annoying as you can imagine, and that was something to do with security issues, which were fixed in 12.18. I'm not holding my breath for any other updates to Opera 12 though sadly!
  2. That link works for me too in IE8, and in Opera (both version 12.18 and version 36).
  3. Whenever I've tried that, the "http" has been automatically changed back to "https" and it's failed again.
  4. Yes, I found both of those as well, but changing them for another image in the same place with the same name made no difference, the cave picture still obstinately stuck there on the default login screen! I'm becoming convinced that it must be hard-coded somewhere.
  5. Thanks Noel, yes I looked into WinAero, and discovered the same, it used to be possible to change to a custom image using it, but since the Anniversary Update, no longer, all you can have now is the cave image or a plain colour field (which is actually the selected "accent colour" IIRC), not a different image. I'd still like to know where that cave image comes from, as if its source can be identified, the potential must be there to change it, even if it's hard coded into a dll or some such. As I said, there seem to be quite a few conspiracy theories about why Microsoft has removed this facility in Windows 10 Pro!
  6. I've recently "upgraded" to Windows 10, and the first thing I wanted to do was to get rid of that picture of some rocks in the sea through a cave mouth on start up and replace it with a custom image. Unfortunately all my researches seem to indicate that since the Anniversary Update, this is now impossible, at least if you have auto-login enabled, which I have. I can change the user lock screen, and make the user logon screen the same just by using the UI settings, but it seems to be impossible to change the default logon screen (the one you see when you first start the system) unless you have to put in a user password. If the password is bypassed, the default login screen (the rocks through the cave mouth) seems to be fixed and cannot be altered! Has anyone found a way around this? I gather that the gpedit functions which used to control this, so that people could use their own branding on the lock screen for instance, have now been depreciated in the Anniversary Update unless you have the Enterprise version of Windows 10. They've now been removed form the Pro version, which is really annoying! There are dark mutterings that this was removed because it would have enabled people to prevent Microsoft from forcing advertising onto people's logon screens. Does anyone have an answer to this? Presumably that cave picture must come from somewhere (it's not the one in C:\Windows\Web\Screen, I've already tried that!) so presumably it can be changed, even if it's awkward and difficult to do. I can't imagine that I would want to change it all that often! Any advice appreciated. BTW, I know I can change the image for a plain colour field using a registry hack, but I'd really like to actually have a different image!
  7. Thanks Noel. I'm not a big user of the Windows apps, but there are some that I find useful. The Anniversary Update (1607) is the version I have, I never experienced any earlier ones so I've nothing to judge it against, but it does seem to be fine. Cheers, Dave.
  8. Just thought I'd come back here one last time to say that I'm afraid I finally decided to do the "upgrade" to Windows 10! I thought I'd probably bite the bullet and do it sometime anyway, as several of the apps that I was using on Windows 8.1 (including some paid for ones) seem to have now been abandoned in favour of Windows 10 UWP apps, which don't work on 8.1 of course. They are not updating the 8.1 versions any more as far as I can see. I guess they couldn't wait to abandon 8.1, which is a shame, as it will probably be now added to the list of short-lived "Cinderella" Windows versions along with ME, Vista, and to some extent even Windows 2000 (which along with ME was only around for about a year IIRC before they were both replaced by XP). I looked into it, and to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro from 8.1 Pro was going to cost me over £100 if I had to pay for it, so I thought I'd grab it while it was still free if you know where to go. See you on the Windows 10 forum I'm sure (probably many times!)
  9. Interesting idea, although I'm not too happy that I might be being used as a guinea pig by Microsoft! I have my Windows Update set to warn me when updates are available, but not to automatically download or install them (a luxury you don't have with Windows 10 of course!) I was told they were available as optional updates. I installed them anyway and no (obvious) harm seems to have been done, but I don't see what the point of them is, unless they are some sort of test, as you say.
  10. There was "October 2016 Preview of Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2" KB3192404 on October 20th, and "November 2016 Preview of Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2" KB3197875 on November 16th, both offered in between patch Tuesdays. They were both very large updates, pretty much the same size as the "non-preview" updates that were offered on the October and November patch Tuesdays. There's nothing I can see on their Microsoft information pages that says what they are supposed to be for!
  11. @JodyT Hmm, not making it easy are they? @NoelC Have you any idea what the purpose of these strange (and huge) "preview" updates is?
  12. Thanks Jody, I wasn't actually aware of that option!
  13. How do you do that if all the updates are rolled up into one file? Do you identify what's actually in the roll-up and then download and install just the updates you want separately without using Windows Update?
  14. Done, thanks very much!