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  1. The .NET update seems to have installed fine for me with no problems. Scanning the versions of my .NET system files, it seems to have updated quite a few.
  2. I wasn't knowingly pushed with KB4012864, no yellow shield appeared, but just as a test I tried doing a scan on Microsoft Update. Not only did it then appear as a high priority update, so I installed it from there, I was very pleased to find that the scan completed in only about 30 seconds. Whether this will be the same come the next patch Tuesday remains to be seen!
  3. Thanks! Does that .NET update supersede any others, and why does it say it's a "preview"?
  4. The strange thing was that after both my machines had been updated, a further scan on Microsoft Update with IE8 completed very quickly, and of course showed no critical updates available. Whether this means that the issue has been fixed remains to be seen of course!
  5. LOL @ginz, I (and my PC) are fine thanks! I've just successfully updated both my XP installations with all 11 updates, and the Silverlight update. With Flash updates I usually wait now until Firefox tells me the plugin is now too old to use. My God the scans took such a long time though, I do hope they've finally fixed this issue this month, whatever it is! If this was happening with "real" POSReady/WindowsEmbedded installations, as well as hacked XP installations, MS must surely have had a huge number of complaints about it by now.
  6. It won't be shown in the Windows Update list if you installed it manually from the standalone installation file. It should be listed in Add/Remove Programs though. Glad to hear we've actually got some updates this month, I guess we'll never know exactly why all of last months were pulled!
  7. Ah, understood (I think!) So if the Firefox version being declared to the servers is 52.0, which it would be now if you left the variable as "%VERSION%, the plugin will never download as it's not offered on versions above 51, so you have to make sure it always still pretends to be version 51? I guess if you already have the plugin and you're still saying you're version 52, it just means you would never be offered any updates to the plugin, but I presume that's never going to happen now anyway!
  8. Do you still need to do that if you've already got the plugin, or does it not matter in that case?
  9. Yes, that's exactly what I've now got, all -1 hour on the times in the first image due to the time difference between the UK and mainland Western Europe.
  10. Hence the inverted commas in my post!
  11. Disgraceful, if they start putting forced advertisements into an operating system that many people must now have actually have paid for, I will not be pleased, and I will seriously consider "downgrading" as well.
  12. Sorry I'm not sure how to check that. I have just run the updater again though, and my updroots.sst has changed, it's now dated 28/02/17 instead of 12/11/16, which is good, but strangely, my disallowedcert.sst is now dated 24/05/16 instead of 25/05/16 as it was before!
  13. I've now got: authroots.sst 28/02/17 delroots.sst 12/11/16 roots.sst 24/07/15 updroots.sst 12/11/16 disallowedcert.sst 25/05/16 Does that look right? Of course I can't remember what the dates were before, I should have noted them, but authroots.sst seems to be the only obvious new one.
  14. Yes, let's hope there's enough of us on their radar for them to justify keeping 52 ESR at least updated with security patches for another year or two.
  15. NPAPI plugins don't work, except Flash, in the normal release version of Firefox 52, but they do in the ESR version. I don't know if there are any other important differences. Nice to see someone else likes their Windows XP to look like 98/2000 BTW!