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  1. I'm pretty sure that the first method no longer works. The last version I had working like that was 15.4.22, later versions won't now run properly, even with the compatibility mode set, and just throw error messages.
  2. Unfortunately, in my experience the Dropbox server will block access if it detects what it considers to be an out of date version.
  3. Well I certainly haven't applied any group policies. How would you disable "Delivery Optimization"? I will check that out, although I haven't done it knowingly.
  4. Opera 12.02 is the last version that works on Windows 98SE, even with KernelEx.
  5. Thanks, that's interesting that you're seeing the same thing on a clean install! I suspect the notice appeared on mine after the first update was applied, which was a Flash Player update. It definitely wasn't there straight away. I'm just interested to know if everyone is seeing this, and what exactly is supposedly being "hidden" on the page! I am of course an administrator on the system, so I can't imagine why anything would be hidden or disabled on Windows Update. Searching online about this brings up virtually nothing, the only other references to that notice seem to apply to the customisation page where you change things like the lock screen image, where it appears if you have things disabled using Group Policy settings. I couldn't find any references to it appearing on the Windows Update page.
  6. I recently updated Windows 10 to version 1703, the so-called "Creators Update", and everything seemed to go fine. However, a strange thing has suddenly appeared on my Windows Update settings page. At the top, it now says, in red, "*Some settings are hidden or managed by your organisation". This was not there straight after the update, it suddenly appeared a while later, and I haven't knowingly changed anything that would have made it appear. It's also there on the page if I click on "Advanced options", but nowhere else. Anyone any idea what is actually hidden or disabled here, and why? I'm using Windows 10 Pro 64bit.
  7. Yes Heinoganda is brilliant, his updating program for the Root Certificates alone is amazing!
  8. Good news! How did you actually get the updates to install? Did you use @heinoganda's roll-up version, and did you do it normally or using the Recovery Console?
  9. @SD73 I've never had any luck either with System Restore on one of my XP machines. Every time I've tried to use it, on any restore point, it goes through the motions and then just says "the system could not be restored" without giving any reason. Your problem is certainly a very strange one. My only thought, and it's clutching at straws, is would it perhaps be possible to try installing the updates with the standalone installer files when booted into the Recovery Console? I have no idea whether they will even work in that environment, but just a thought.
  10. Indeed so, but KB40414580 is an update specifically for .NET 2.0 SP2, as can be seen from its standalone file name. One strange anomaly was that on my netbook, but not on my main machine, after I successfully installed all the updates, I was then prompted to install a further five .NET 2.0 updates, which presumably weren't installed before. They took ages to install, and I was dreading that there would then be another prompt to install KB40414580, and then the five updates again, and so on round and round for ever, but fortunately that doesn't seem to have been the case. Whew!
  11. Just to report all 13 updates installed OK on both my machines. Strangely my main machine never showed a yellow shield in the system tray, whereas my netbook did. It took about 20 minutes to scan with Microsoft Update on my main machine, on the netbook it took a couple of hours! I guess that's because it's a pretty weak machine. The .NET updates took ages to install, but they always seem to.
  12. I never used ClearType when I had a tube monitor of course, but since I've had a flat screen monitor I actually do think it's better, as long as it's correctly tuned of course, which is a very big "if"! Do you have the ClearType Tuner for XP installed? If not, you should give it a try. Even if you still don't like the result, at least you will have made sure that it's as optimised as it can be, because if it isn't, the results can be truly horrendous!
  13. Not a gratuitous bump, although I've just had to completely re-backup all my files again today as the clocks changed, which is what's made me think of this. As well as the already documented here issue of backing up a FAT32 drive to an NTFS drive, I've also noticed another strange thing that I've now confirmed happens when the clocks change. I have a lot of my archive drive folders set to "thumbnail" view mode, for images and video files, and every time the clocks change, all of the thumbnails seem to have to be re-created. Why would that be? This is completely on a FAT32 drive, no NTFS issues. Surely if all the files on the drive have their timestamps changed when the computer clock moves forwards or backwards an hour, by the same amount, why should that cause the thumbnails (stored in the thumbs.db files) to have to all be regenerated?
  14. A noticeable improvement here too, although I must say that I hadn't actually noticed a problem. Thanks!
  15. I had this problem with my dual boot netbook that it would boot fine into Windows 8.1 in AHCI mode, but not into XP. Installing the Intel Application Accelerator fixed it perfectly for me, but I don't know if that was the preferred solution!