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  1. Thanks, I had already downloaded it, I just wondered whether it would appear as an automatic update or not. I'll install it manually. @dencorso Ha, ha!
  2. Will KB4019276 be offered via Windows Update does anyone know, or will it always have to be installed manually?
  3. LOL! I'll see what happens next time. I still suspect that it was the Office updates that were the real villain of the piece, simply because MS Update wasn't expecting them to be there on a POSReady machine. The IE8 updates are still standard, so I don't see why they would throw the updating system. Only time will tell.........
  4. Well my netbook finally showed me the list of updates on IE8 sometime during the night last night, after scanning since the afternoon of Wednesday 11th. I think five days has to be some sort of record! All installed fine. Let's hope things are better in future now that the Office updates have ended.
  5. LOL! It will be interesting to see what happens next month with no more Office updates. The netbook's still scanning BTW........
  6. Finally updated my main machine, using the normal IE8 interface. I started it scanning at 1230 yesterday, the yellow shield finally appeared at 1930, after 7 hours, and the scan completed and showed the updates on IE8 sometime during the night! All installed OK. My other machine, the netbook, is still scanning after 48 hours, the yellow shield appeared after about 36 hours of scanning. I'm being very patient.........
  7. My two machines are taking an eternity to scan as before, but I'll just let them take their time and see how long they actually do take, I'm in no hurry! It will be interesting to see if in the future with no more updates for Office whether the scan times do reduce, as these seemed to be the main culprit. I seem to remember that the last time there were no Office updates for a month, it was a lot better.
  8. All updated, thanks!
  9. Do you have Microsoft Office with the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack installed on that machine? If so, that is the reason that the update scanning is taking so long. If you manually install any Office updates first, the scan should then work quickly. Any Office updates should be recorded in this thread, with links to them.
  10. Unfortunately I haven't any other suggestions. It works fine for me with Firefox 52.3.0 ESR. If it doesn't work for you, even after exhaustively following all the procedures, it's a bit of a mystery.
  11. The disadvantage of that workaround, IIRC, is that the VP8/vorbis versions of YouTube videos sometimes don't appear straight away, so some new videos you may have to wait awhile until you can play them using that configuration.
  12. I wasn't aware that there was any problem with KB4039384, if anyone mentioned a possible one it wasn't me. If there is an earlier version of xpsp2res.dll in KB4039111 it doesn't seem to have overwritten the newer version when it was installed, which is good (presumably).
  13. Just a quick clarification. My xpsp2res.dll file is version 5.1.2600.7248 (despite having installed KB4039111). My USP10.dll is version 1.420.2600.7334, and GDIPLUS.dll is version 5.2.6002.24180. I'm using Office XP(2002) with the 2007 Compatibility Pack. Does that sound right, or do I need any more updating?
  14. The six offered updates installed fine for me. It took ages to scan again due to the presence of the Office updates. Are these likely to be the last ones, or will there be some more next month I wonder? I read somewhere (here probably!) that support for the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack ends next month, which would make sense as it's presumably 10 years after it was launched. I've also installed the optional update KB4039111. Anyone know what this actually is? Its page on the MS site, which is linked to from many other sites, is just "page not found"!
  15. EMET on up-to-date Windows XP

    OK, I've now just deleted the PinRules which had expired. I had to delete the websites that were using them (which was all of those listed) before EMET would let me do that. I did read somewhere that these "protected sites" (Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook etc.) are only actually protected by EMET when using Internet Explorer. Is that right? If that's the case there's no point in having them set up anyway, as I never use IE now for websites, only for Microsoft Update, as the sites don't usually work properly now in IE8 anyway!