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  1. Well I must say that I didn't know that the Big Mac based comparisons started with the Economist magazine in the UK! The Mars Bar comparison always used to be used by British newspapers long before the delights of McDonalds were really known about here.
  2. Here in the UK, it always used to be the price of Mars Bars that was used for price comparisons!
  3. Opera 12.18 will not work with the PPAPI Flash plugin as that is only for Chromium-based browsers like the later versions of Opera, and Slimjet etc. The current NPAPI version,, seems to be working fine for me on Opera 12.18 on XP.
  4. In my experience, the updates for the 2007 Office Compatibility Pack often only update the converter files for Office elements, like wordcnv.exe for Word, excelcnv.exe for Excel etc. That being the case, the latest version of those files is the latest version, and there's no need to have installed intermediate versions. Of course occasionally, like last time, other files such as DLLs are updated too, but I would still be surprised if you weren't covered by the latest updates.
  5. Are those updates only applicable to the full install of Office 2007? I have Office XP (2002) installed, with the 2007 Compatibility Pack as an add-on.
  6. I thought the Office viewers were standalone applications. Do you actually get updates for it?
  7. I've updated to version 4.5.2016.17. No problems found so far. Thanks @jumper!
  8. Strange, I've seen no difference in performance with 52.2 over 52.0, but I do have a reasonably powerful machine which might make the difference. I also have eight add-ons installed too, and although browsing isn't as quick as with Opera 36 say, I don't think it's a problem, and I much prefer Firefox for other reasons.
  9. Someone said that support for the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack finally ends in October. I hope after that this nonsense will stop and normal Windows/Microsoft Update patching will resume again!
  10. There's an update for Silverlight too, for anyone that has it installed, version 5.1.50907.0.
  11. Strange, I updated to Firefox 52.2 ESR today, and YouTube is still working fine for me. Mixcloud.com seems to be fine as well, but I don't think I can test soundcloud.com as I'm not a member.
  12. Oops, sorry I had a brainstorm there! It's actually Opera 12.02 I'm running on 98SE, not 12.18. Move on everyone, nothing to see here.............
  13. What's wrong with Opera 12.18, it works fine for me on 98SE, with a few quirks?!
  14. Well that verson does not work for me. As expected, the KB890830 version just says it's not a valid Win32 application if I try to run it on XP.
  15. IIRC all versions of MRT.exe after version 5.39.12900.0 just throw an error message if you try to run them on XP. I had no entry for KB982316 originally in my registry either, but having installed it , I now do. Looking at previous posts, I don't think it's a fix that's relevant except in particular circumstances, but I'm assuming there's no harm in having it installed anyway.