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  1. This thread is the best. Got it working without using the 6.82 Nvidia Driver files. I just used the legacy drivers and the files from the 6.70 package and everything is now working fine. Didn't need to update the bios either. Thanks Fernando for all the help
  2. I've followed the instructions given in this post on how to create an unattended installation of Windows XP Pro (using nlite), with the NForce4 SATA Raid drivers etc....everything was fine until windows tried to boot for the first time, It just keeps rebooting itself. When I try and boot into safe mode, the last thing on the screen is \Drivers\mup.sys which is exactly what was happening before. Any ideas? [Edit] System Configuration: N4SLI-A9 AMD64 3200 1Gb memory (dual channel mode) 2x120gb SATA Drives on Channel 1 Raid 0 Array is set as bootable, and is healthy