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  1. which one is the best i was going to ask you i use Roxio..
  2. that is a lot of programs you use
  3. i have 2 computers at home i have network them with it ok. and where i work we have over 50 computers using ADSL.
  4. yes i think you can save but i have not tryed...
  5. what software do you use.
  6. yes i was then i tryed to fly and i plane just would not stay up more then 2mins ************ that is what i think about flaying games.
  7. it is not to bad at all but i like my burning software..
  8. ok then, can you let me know if you do thanks
  9. if you still need that plus Xp covers i think i can get them of my firend the Australian copy is in a case that has nice pictures.
  10. is it easy to use the addon
  11. yes i did it i had the plane in the air for about 6 mins. i'm the best in my own world.
  12. Thanks very much for your help..
  13. I have looked at there web site this is the best Windows xp website i have seen yet it has the best links on it. I have found lots of good themes.
  14. I have just typed in the address and it does not work i do this is what i have typed in ht*p:// but know go can you help me.
  15. Let me know if you fix that problem i have been having that too.