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  1. The Sdelete finished and failed to properly clean the drive and i think the reason is because that the files that i can still see/recover are outside the partition. So i dropped the format method and i'm currently using dban from a vm within windows using passthrough access to the hard drive (not to the partition/volume). It should take 7h for the same 3TB drive. Just to let you know, the dban method with a VM was successfull.
  2. Thanks for your answer. I suppose that the quick format before launching bitlocker encryption is the reason why it "failed" to properly erase the data but then why bitlocker is taking such a long time (took more than 6h for 3TB) ? As i wanted to use a native tool i tried what was the nearest : sysinternals sdelete and it is still running. I didn't want to reboot my computer (i don't have a test computer anymore) to wipe my drives (not the system ones) and the ATA secure erase need reboot as i understood. I was looking for a native MS tool that would do the job. Perhaps format (without /q) will be enough but it will leave the at least the MBR. Also i supposed wrongly that security improved (as bitlocker was available natively) and that MS would have provided a proper way to wipe a hard drive. Also i supposed that if such tool existed it would be faster than other not native tools except ATA secure erase. The thread is interesting but a litlle old and that why i had discarded it when i googled hdd wiping. But it seems nothing changed in the last 5 years.
  3. I'm looking for a fast (and efficient) method to wipe some hdd from within windows (8.1). I'm aware that it isn't the best option as i could use DBAN that would do a good job. I tried the windows method : - deleting partitions and mbr - recreating a partition - create a bitlocker volume and choose a full disk encryption - let windows encrypt the full disk - delete the partition - check if something is recoverable and most files were recoverable. So obviously MS bitlocker didn't do what it should have. So if someone know a reliable and fast method to do the job with preferably only windows tools, i would greatly appreciate. Of course i did a search (google and also here) and found out that there are third party tools that could do the job but i would like to avoid those.
  4. Most likely the moderator of and related websites were tired of moderating too much. I don't think it is the right place to discuss political matter. Also most likely the french government isn't involved in any way in the moderation of the comments of as it is owned by a private group. I suppose they had to reduce the number of moderators to reduce the costs as usual and perhaps they banned IP from foreign countries.
  5. Unless you need w3svc for web hosting, you should disable this service. Or at least filter it with the firewall.
  6. From what i remember, at least in the older trial versions (i didn't try it recently), the trial wasn't limited by a number of host. Another tool (the trial is said to be only limited in time): Or the freeware: There are so much tools (free or not) that are already do what is needed to the OP that i don't think he wanted to learn how to script/program the functionnality. Also Jaclaz your code isn't multi threaded and for example with a lot of IP (about 40 as the OP stated) , it might ping only one every 40 seconds. Then it wouldn't be an effective monitoring. It would be very complex to do a multi-threaded batch to properly ping and report the result for a lot of IPs as in batch you can't make a child process speak to his father.
  7. Or use an already made monitoring program created for this for example Ipswitch whatsup gold:
  8. Beside the real challenge of having really clever progress bar (a progress bar should be based on the time needed to do the whole process but in most cases you can't predict it accurately) , i'll add that doing this kind of thing (progress bar) with autoit could be perhaps easier for a newbie.
  9. You should look at this code project page :
  10. Applocker seems to be the best defense but it isn't available for most versions of windows 7 (only enterprise or ultimate are supported: ).
  11. Usually you should avoid using those kind of software as most functions included could be easily handled by hand but some people prefer relying on this kind of software to do it in thier place (but i can't understand why as i hate not knowing exactly what a software do).
  12. Both servers seem to be used for the same purpose: the dns alias is shown for both of them when you do a nslookup. So as you disabled the check on IE side, both should not be contacted anymore.
  13. It seems possible: I didn't try it myself.
  14. Powershell is object based (a good thing). Microsoft promoted it as the future language that would replace batch and vbs. But it is extremely slow (slower than vbs and batch), it can't really work without wmi call (for a lot system related action) and buggy (write-host "hello world" > file won't be written to file). It also has drawback of its nature (object based language): most value needs to be extracted from the object to be used (or exported to text) but they will be printed on the screen just fine. So for people knowing many other scriptings language (or even compiled language), why using powershell unless it is really easier/faster/cleaner to create the needed script/program ?
  15. The real good new is that it should be a native port of bash not an emulated version of bash like cygwin. As i used both cygwin or (unixtools) to script on windows servers, i can tell that it could improve a lot scripting on windows. Anyway as it is MS they may still render it useless just like they did with powershell.