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  1. Thanks a lot for reply
  2. Which windows in newer and better 2003 or 2003R2? Thanks
  3. I want to block all chating software in windows 2003 server. My employee works on w2k3 and I want to allow run any chating software on it. How can I do this.
  4. I want to make SFX file from command line (actually from batch file). I had tried and success to make a command which convert a folder into sfx with my icon but I did not successfull to insert a licence file (text or html), comments file (text or html), default destination folder (like %temP5, C:\test etc), run setup.exe file after extraxtion. I found some help in winrar help file but i am not understand how to implement those scripts/commands. I need your help....! I have WinRAR installed in my system. The command which I use is below "Winrar a -r -o+ -y -sfx -iiconSupportedFiles\mylogo.ico Demo.exe Demo" Thanks in Advance