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  1. man! no more dvd decrypter:-( good thing i got the install file on my hdd). "i ased dvddecrpter and dvd shrink to encode and burn resident evil 2 with no problems but when i tried it with dvdfabdecrypter got error message ivalid data in file so for me dvddecrpter still tops" posts like can be found quite a lot, but ill be keeping an eye on dvd fab until future releases, i "backup" alot of movies, i need functionality. as for anydvd, its buyware. for a dvd decrypter i find that morally incorrect:-) thanks fof the update
  2. guess the fact ive been using winrat for years, and only tried 7zip when it was in beta(bit buggy), but you prompted me to do a second evaluation, i might stick with it now. As for the registering issue with winrar, lets just say i had a patch. hmm...not to nice icons for view in details(not to say that winrar was better), not as good gui, gut i like the right click menu on archives. Seems to run stable, and extracts rar quite quickly. im switching. thanx for the reminder
  3. thanks, ill try it as soon as possible.
  4. and heres the final of my requests for now, thanks in advance, citizen420
  6. good av, nicer ui than avg. edit: sorry, this request has been made before, i should have checked better. but i checked the other thread, it should work, since they ask for the serial after the installation, when you first open the gui.