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  1. Oh, thank you, appreciated.
  2. Hi Tseng, as it was always stated on the Shop page (below the list), and discussed on this forum when the tool was being launched, the license has in it a year of new features since the first activation. The point was to allow premium fixes and upgrades to continue, not doing the subscription-only updates. The difference in this model is that you can keep on using the latest versions always. The renewal price is 50% of the license price for another year. I did extend that initial year somewhat, mainly due to the fact it was just a beta for some time, so that initial users are rewarded longer. So starting with v1.2, the date, which is set to minimum before v1.2 release, in July 2016 (tool was released September 2014), the new premium features take into account if the subscription is expired or not. All the features that were claimed during your year (+ the initial boost), will always be unlocked, fixed and upgraded for free. As long as the tool supports that Windows version for which feature was made. You can see this better explained on the Shop page. The whole point of course is that I can continue working on this full-time, it's a niche market and regardless there is tons of work on it constantly with new Windows updates. Let me know if you have comments or questions, thanks. Thanks, Dino
  3. Hi Tseng, there is no difference from updating driver manually with Search within Device Manager.
  4. Thanks g-force, good luck.
  5. Hi Tseng, It would be #2 in most cases. It is never #1. However sometimes it ignores the new driver, probably when the built-in one is newer. In which case you can remove the built-in one and force the integrated one. Here is a good guide on driver integration.
  6. Thanks for the heads up, will check it and if you see any issues don't hesitate to report.
  7. Hi Xenithar, unfortunately all 4 need to be updated if you need them all. For now it is not known how to update all at once, so I'll be adding an automation feature which goes through each edition and updates using the same update list. Post-setup execution is needed to be set only once, true. Ei.cfg is auto-corrected by the tool on the selected edition, or simply remove it if you need all 4 to prompt, as you indicated. Thanks.
  8. Hi vinifera, thanks for the feedback. - I am not a fan of presets, there is no one preset for all, it would be called full windows. Tool has Components - Compatibility options, which is like a feature protection preset. - ISO reading, yes, true, that one is on todo for a long time now, you may not believe it but I maybe got a complaint once before. Will push it up. - if post-setup failed, it could mean the one item on the top did then it pulled all below. I am interested in your preset, feel free to send it to my email or attach here (but then remove cdkey or passwords from the XML) - will check libraries - ISO is bootable
  9. Thanks for the info guys.
  10. Correct, the explanation is in the top yellow info bar for the blue ones, and on the right of the component in the Extra Info for the locked ones.
  11. Hi R4D3, hey, thanks for the feedback, sorry about the delay (notification got lost). I do agree with you that for the mass adoption I would need to make it even easier. Thing is obviously Microsoft, and me as well, do not think component removal is for the masses. What does it help me if I make it one-click, increase sales, then in a month or two start spending days answering questions which component is missing for a certain feature or an app. Please don't take the following as insulting, I am just trying to answer directly, no time for sugar coating . So for now it's for people who know what they want to remove as they were tweaking it before (I do this since 2004). The rule goes, if you don't know that component, keep it. The goal does not have to be to reach minimum size, but to remove what annoys you or spends your time disabling on each reinstall. Also there is Google, NTLite is not a Windows documentation. Btw I posted in my blog explaining how you can easily return Win10 components, it should allow for more relaxed removals and the ability to install Cumulative updates if Windows Update fails. That said, I am thinking about those wizards, it's just I have much more important things to do for the hardcore users first, they deserve it because of the support I was shown.
  12. Thanks Photek, I did add the DisableWindowsConsumerFeatures setting when Store is removed. Will be adding much more tweaks soon, finally got to it, these included.
  13. Hi ertuzio, I did get your email, but here goes the reply: Download NTLite (not nLite), the free/personal only version, it can remove enough. Then read guides like this (includes all the options) and this (lists only free options). Let us know if you get stuck in the process.
  14. Hi Tseng, yes, of course. In a few days, just finishing something else first.
  15. I didn't get such report so far, needed components for Office are in the Office compatibility, does not include Firewall. I will test by removing all of them and report these days. Which Windows version, and is it TW-CN language? Thanks.