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  1. Yes, thanks. Took a little working out but the marvellous nLite came to the rescue and I'm down to about 350MB now. At the same time I discovered the CDTYPE=DVD flag in XPCreate.ini but the extra settings from nLite more than make up for the finding of it.
  2. AFAICT you need to tell XPCreate to make a DVD image (CDTYPE=DVD) I believe a an ISO CD is different and these things really are images. Ian
  3. XPCreate slipstreaming has created a CD image thta's too big to write. Over the last few days the image seems have to got too big. Is there a simple way to reduce it? I suppose I could lose some drivers but it's hard to know which or how. In fact I'd like to add some SATA drivers and so far have failed.