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  1. Windows XP

    If you have a Maxtor (Quantum) Hard disk you would have a great chose to transfer your date and OS to the new hard! Just go to Maxtor Site and the download section of it and download MaxBlast utility! (you should go here to download it and of couse it is free!!) You can make a Bootable disk with that and boot your computer with it. It has a section that lets you to copy all of your hard to the new one in less than a houre! (it is like copying a CD to another CD and of course the differ of their size doesn’t matter at all!) It is a great utility! It has great features too!(like changing the size of your partitions safely and without any dangers and it does it without needing to Restarting computer!!!) I think other hard disks have such software too! Just check!
  2. Dose this method removes device dirvers(that have not been installed) from my new xp CD ?
  3. What's "superhidden" For Exactly?

    "SuperHidden" Is for hidding windows system protected files to prevent amator users to damage vital windows files ! ***********--------------------*********** But my qustion is that how should we change a attribite of a file to SuperHidden ?
  4. Customize your boot screen!

    Thank you ! That was a great giud !
  5. Threads Of Interest

    Thanks ! Great Post !
  6. Customize your boot screen!

    Thanks! Just a little question; how should I change the boot logo screen file in the Windows XP CD that when I install XP it has the modified screen?
  7. Can I Hide Drives From Explorer/my Computer

    Yes ! you can use Registry trick and make them Hidden. but you can use some Tweaking softwars to do that easly and with no registry problems ! I think Tweak XP Pro 3.00 is the best ! you can download the 30 days Trial version from here
  8. How to reset your Serial Number in Windows XP

    Really ! Is Warza forbidden in this site ??? I didnt know that ! I'lll edit it !
  9. What Is Everyone Playing?

    Evry one MaxPayne 2 ! But I'm Playing Tomb Raidr 4 !!!!!! Yes ! the old game ! after Playing TR6 someone toled me that TR4 is like TR6 and now I'm playing that ! ! But It's very hard ! :/ :/
  10. Win XP or Server 2003

    and what if we install the drivers useing the device driver installation pack ?
  11. How To Make A Folder Private

    " i don't know how secure it is " No body could accec your files and folders until they'er loged in as your account ! I think there is no other way 'cause I've searchig this stuff for over one and half year(!) and found nothing ! I even havn't seen the method that I've mentioned anywhere ! I found it my self by trailing and error !!!!
  12. Prevent Users To Access Some Programs

    The best way to do this is useing NTFS Format . I'll give a full guide for making a NTFS partition and the advantages of using that and a lot of tips and tricks about it ! just be pationt !
  13. Win XP or Server 2003

    could you give some examples that what kind of programs don't work on Windows 2003 ?
  14. Making Program Available To All Users

    What is the format of your partitions ? FAT32 or NTFS ??
  15. How To Make A Folder Private

    ok ! I'll Solve it for you ! Just do excactly what I say : First of all you must have more than one user accounts on your XP . for making a Dirve, Directory, File ,etc privait, you could just limit other users that have logged in by thair own account, not your account ! any way ! - Go to Control Panel/Administrative Tool/Local Security Policy - now go to Local Policies/Security Options- Find the key named : Network access : Sharing and security modle for local accounts - Rigt click on it, chose Properties and change the value to : Classic - local users authenticate as themselvs - Press OK and Restart your computer - now when you go to a Dirve, Directory, File, etc properties you would see a new Tab called Security, in this place you can chose any uese names and make Limitations for them ! That is all ! If there is any questions , feel free to askin' me !