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  1. Hi board (and especially Fernando!) I am about to get my feet wet with nLite! I am trying to install Win XP on a RAID 1 setup. My Win XP disk was included when I bought the PC, and comes pre-loaded with SP1 and some other OEM stuff. I have a ASUS K8N-E Deluxe MB, which is equipped with a nForce 3 250 Gb chipset. This MB actually has two different SATA controllers, both of which are capable of running RAIDs. The chipset itself has two SATA connectors, while the Silicon Image 3114 controller has an additional four connectors - so there's six connectors total directly on the MB. 1) Which controller should I use? 2) If I am to use the nForce controller, which driver should I use? I have been reading forums left and right about unified driver sets at nforcers.com and guru3d.com, but I am none the wiser. 3) Regardless of which controller/driver is recommended to me, is the guide in the top post still relevant to me?