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  1. how to intergrated ATI DRIVER & ATI Catalyst Control Center with n lite?? Please download ati drivers And upload integrated with nlite(*.cab) to HELP
  2. I can't make switchless instaler I do: 1)ICreate new folder(my_program) and pasate totaluninstall.exe 2)I click right mouse button to totaluninstall and click 7-zip, add to archive. I select compression level ultra and hit OK. 3)ICopy 7zs.sfx to the folder(my_program) 4)I Open Notepad and I write: ;!@Install@!UTF-8! RunProgram="totaluninstall.exe –switch" ;!@InstallEnd@! I save as config.txt with UTF-8 encoding 5)I Open a command promp and write: c:\my_program>copy /b 7zs.sfx + config.txt + totaluninstall.7z totaluninstall.exe To install totaluninstall.exe i must cliking next Help What i do wrong?