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  1. abcpy.ini is the oldest metthod and sure shot to configure adobe products for silent install.
  2. u hav checked magic iso website. to include winpe u need its boot sector first extract its boot sector i.e. store its bootsector on to u r hdd and use that boot sector to make multi boot dvd.
  3. use nlites stable release
  4. are using .wim image created with ximage with imagex? if yes then it will give error
  5. what cabs you have..if they r nlite one...then no......if they r msi project cabs...the u must own IS 12 Premier..
  6. hey guys office resource kit for 2007 is released.
  7. uneed findcd command search for it msfn
  8. that page says XP32/64 all lans? why not MCE
  9. Is pro supported then...i have oem..
  10. Mine is MCE2005. when i nlited it and added [sHELL] CustomDefaultThemeFile = "%WINDIR%\Resources\Themes\MyTheme.Theme" and install. the xp finally boots up with default energy blue theme. howerver i can manually select and apply the theme from drop down list. how come?