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  1. Hi I am glad to find this forum! I have been looking for a generic usb driver for Win98se and was certainly overjoyed to find the MaximumDecim USB driver. I have downloaded and it works for the Palm T5 in drive mode ! great stuff and thanks to you Maximum Decim! I am encountering some problem though.. 2 issues.. 1. I got an unknown (I cannot find any brand name anywhere on the flash drive) flash drive from friend and after plugging in, the system identify it as ADAM USB device and installed the relevant driver. Now the sytsem could recognise the drive but the problem is that it cannot access the data on this flash drive because all the file names are "____" with the respective file extn eg. .ppt, .doc etc for MS office files... Can anyone help me out ? I suppose the installed driver in this case was not totally compatible... Is there a way to install a new driver and where to get this driver ? 2. RIght now I can only access the Palm T5 on drive mode but is unable to sync data with desktop because Palm does not provide any drivers for Win98se since Microsoft is not supporting Win98/98se anymore... can anyone help in this area ? where do I get the driver so that I could sync the Palm t5 with the desktop on win 98se ? thanks !!