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  1. i've downloaded driverpacks from the web. all are 7z files. Where do i put them? which method should i use? im so confuse. i hope to do a easy one. just load frrom my oem and install. thats all. anyone?
  2. this is so easy to use!! thanks man!!! but it would be better if more things are added!!!
  3. ok i know these have been ask alot of times but i cant find an answer for it. anyone how to edit setup.exe? i have AutoPlay Media Studio, but it doesnt save as .exe file. i have resedit too but i dont know how. What about login background? how do i change it? when windows is shutting down the(when its Saving your setting) that part.? Thanks!! can someone make a tutorial for all these? thanks!!
  4. but by the way, when open it with office2003 (ERROR) dont seems to open it.
  5. Im new here. Which tools do i need? can anyone tell me which to download? all the tools that i needed for unattended windows.
  6. im using winxp pro corp. i had this problem too. sysetup.dll not found.. where izzit? i open my winntbbu.dll at I386??
  7. Hi all, nice to meet you. is there any tutorial for making unattended windows? where do i start 1st? i just tweaking some parts, putting hotfix(ryanvm's) change pic for windows stuff like that.. i need help. thanks