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  1. Single blank item at the top of Control Panel has been there practically forever (I even remember seeing it as far back as XP), but I see two such items in Anniversary update now...
  2. That happens when trial expires.
  3. Since I'm talking about the plain-text part of the message, there's nothing to parse - the URL shouldn't be &-encoded in the first place (the unfollow URL is fine).
  4. Links in plain text part of new reply notification e-mails stopped working - looks like all & characters are encoded as &: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/163489-startisback-175/?do=findComment&comment=1120528.
  5. Looks like I'm not getting the previous non-working results most of the time any more (and when I do get them, they work fine); in some cases, if I type the first word in full, the result shows a GUID under Files (which also does open the appropriate applet - eg. for the previous example if I type "require", SiB shows {49AF4D94-A3BE-49C3-88EA-21970ED57894} as result). I now also get a lot of results from the modern control panel, but all of them have the same blank icon - would be nice if they could at least show the modern Settings icon.
  6. Nothing in Event viewer for me. To be specific, the items that don't work seem to be stuff from Win32 Control Panel in Category View. I don't have English Windows, so I'll be translating here, but for example if I type "password", one of the results I get is "Require password entry when waking up computer", which in Category view appears under "System and Security" -> "Power options", and opens one of the subpages of Power Options.
  7. I can reproduce this - about half of the Control Panel search results in SiB don't do anything when clicked for me.
  8. OK, that worked. The key was owned by TrustedInstaller, and only allowed TrustedInstaller to write to it.
  9. Doesn't help - installing for all users still gives "Failed to set data for ''" (installing for a single user works however).
  10. I have a computer with SiB++ 1.2 that was just upgraded to build 1511, and SiB now doesn't work any more. If I try to reinstall it, I get "Failed to set data for ''".
  11. LTSB does not get that update.
  12. I use a high-contrast theme on LTSB, and don't see this problem with 1.1.7.
  13. It's been how long since you sent mail? 1 day? SiB is a one-man project, so it may take a few days to get a reply, just be patient. Even large software companies rarely answer immediately (actually, my experience has been that a week between replies is not unusual).
  14. Click the taskbar first.
  15. Tihiy, I'm still having the "Failed to set data for ''" problem when installing on some computers...