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  1. No, the S drive is a DVD ROM drive. The help page states:- XPSOURCE (Full or Relative Path) XP Source Path. Default Value D: So I substituted S: being one of my two LG DVD-RAM drives, the other one being used to burn the new CD.
  2. Thanks for the reply Xpcreate.ini: [XPCREATE] BOOTIMGFILE=BOOT\XPCTBOOT.BIN CDBURNER=R: CDERASE=NO CDLABEL=XPCREATE CDSPEED=MAX CDTYPE=CD COPYSOURCE=YES DELISOS=NO DELROOT=YES DELTEMP=YES DOCABS=YES DOCD=YES DOISO=YES DOPATH=NO DOSATA=NO DOSVCPACK=YES DRIVERDIR=$OEM$\$1\DRIVERS DVDPLUS=NO EXITQUIET=NO OVERWRITEOEM=YES QLOG= RENAMEF=YES SILENTINSTALL=YES SLIPHF1=YES SLIPHF2=YES SLIPMDC=YES SLIPSPK=YES STARTSWITCH=/WAIT /MIN USERFILESCD= USERWINLANG= XPISO=XPCREATE.ISO XPSOURCE=S: This is exactly the same as used on the previous CPTR that worked, except that the CDBURNER & XPSOURCE drive letters were different. Looking at XPCREATE.CMD, the first external call is for XPCPRVAR.CMD which is on line 41. This is where the first error occurs, so for some reason a call from within the main program to another program fails. That is why I think it is due to my CPTR setup, how I can prove it I do not know.
  3. Hi I do not think this is an Xpcreate problem but you may be able to help me. Original CPTR, 2 years old running XPPro, Athlon processor, it works. Title in program - XPCREATE 20 Aug 2005. Created two slipstreamd CD's 16-10-2005 and 9-11-2005. All OK. New CPTR, XPPro, Gigabyte GA-81955X Royal Mobo, Intel D processor and other higher spec devices like Graphics, SATAII drives etc., it does not work. Error messages: XPCPRVAR is not recognised as an internal or external command. XPCTVARS is not recognised as an internal or external command. XPCPRLOG (5 times) is not recognised as an internal or external command. BBIE is not recognised as an internal or external command. Error cannot find XP source Value CDSOURCE\I386 Ecode 1001 I turned of the AV software but still the same. Any ideas