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  1. did you partition your hard drive before installing longhorn? 'coz if you did not partion your drive, longhorn overwritten your previous os.i suggest you format your drive if you dont want longhorn anymore.
  2. Anybody here knows an alternative other than nero 7? this software gives me a hell of a day. i dont know how many dvd+r melody ive thrown in the trash.any suggestions?
  3. mine, the perfect degragger would be PERFECT DISK 7.... the best.
  4. I have the same problem, mine was an positioning error. im trying to burn a dvd+r melody, w/ my asus 1608p dvd-rw only happens on nero 7.0.x.x, is there other alternaive software that can handle data burning in dvd? i hate this software!! it sucks!!!
  5. Very nice tip! ill try that one on my cds..
  6. 1.Winrar 2.Acrobat Reader 7 3.Winamp 5 4.Office 2003 5.Nero 7 Ultra Edition 6.Easy-cdda Extractor 9 7.Adobe Photoshop CS 9 8.Droppix Recorder 1.7.1 9.Perfect Disk 7 10. Reflexive Games That's It... I forgot.. 11.AVG 7.1 I dont want to run my PC without it...