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  1. Maximus-Decim, Thanks so much for for the nusb22e.exe drivers. I installed the drivers in my old 98se Dell Optiplex GXa, 440LX, 333MHz PII and they work great. USB flash drives are so much better than using floppies or CDs to transfer files, I really can't tell you how much I appreciate it. So far, only one little bug concerns me. That is when I click on the Unplug or Eject Hardware icon and follow the prompts until the Wizard says it's O.K. to remove the device, the LED on the flash drive is still on. With my XP tower, the LED goes off when I reach this point. I'm not familiar enough with this technology to know if it is safe to remove a USB flash drive if the LED is still on, so I'm playing it safe and working around it by just shutting down first. Very minor concern for the benefits realized, but if you could let me know your thoughts/advice on this, I would feel better about just trying a possible hot-unplug. Meanwhile, I'll Google around and see if I can get more education on the subject. Thanks again...