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  1. The creative forums are worse than useless. This question has been asked numerous times. Furthermore tech support has logged my call, and they said they know nothing about this and can't help. It seems that the creative programmers never tested it.
  2. Hi, I have been struggling with something for months now...I have XP64 and 4 g of ram. I have installed the latest sb audigy 2 drivers for xp64. I then install a few of the 32 bit apps that come with the soundblaster specifically the THX console. Now the problem is this; If I do a sound test from the THX console, I will hear sound first from the left, then the left AND right, then the right, then the left front AND left rear, then the Right front AND right rear. What is supposed to happen is left then center, then right, then rear left (only) and then rear right (only). Now, if I go in games it always says that I have a 2 channel sound board, 5.1 options and EAX are greyed out! If I look at DXDIAG, it shows that there is no hardware acceleration available and EAX 1 and 2 and 3 are not supported. Now, if I go into BOOT.INI and set /maxmem=4096 then the audigy works fine! All of the options are available in games and the THX console works properly. Furthermore the DXdiags shows full support for EAX What is happening, is that if I use all of the ram then the sound blaster doesn't work. If I limit it to 4G max, then windows will allocatge I/O to above 2.8 G of ram and everything is fine. Except, that now I have 2.8G of ram instead of 4 g. Anyone else run into this with 4G of ram or more? After all, this is a 64bit computing forum and I would think that other people must be running more than 2G with a audigy card! Thanks
  3. Ok sorry to interupt here. But I do think it's related. The raid can be created no problem using the BIOS. I believe the problem is that these drivers for the nforce pro have the same issue as above with the nvidia ide but in my case I did not install it. When this happens, the raid tool does not get installed. As to a mainboard document, not to be found at all, no documentation for any of this. Just this thread...
  4. Ok I have this file as part of the but that is all it is, part of the cab. How do I install this???
  5. Hi, thanks for answering. "And what is about SCSI- and Raid Controller? What do you see there?" I see three device drivers (I don't recall what they are, I'm at work my system is at home), but the first is nvidia raid class driver and the 2nd and third are the same and are "nvidia nforce storage..?." So they seem to be installed. "Was saying no to the nvidia raid not a good idea?" oops, i meant to say "was saying no to the nvidia ide not a good idea?" I get a message that the nvidia ide drivers should be installed, but I heard that they shouldn't so I don't "The problem is that RAIDTOOL is nowhere to be found! " The raidtool is what is used to configure and manage raid within windows. However, once the installation is done there is no software installed to do this. The doc say that there is "RAIDTOOL application version 6.21" but the manual says to use mediashield which also doesn't exist. The only thing I find in the disk directory structure is C:\NVIDIA\nForceWinXP64\8.22\IDE\WinXP\raidtool which contains and the subdirecotires of C:\NVIDIA\nForceWinXP64\8.22\IDE\WinXP are ...\raidtool .........\sataraid .........\sata_ide So, what do you use to configure the raid from windows? It seems that the installation does not complete for some reason. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I know that there are a lot of messages concerning nforce amd but I have a different chipset and drivers but am experiencing similar issues. I have the nforce professional chipset and have downloaded the nvidia drivers for xp64 (version 8.22) which contains the following Ethernet NRM driver version 5.09 (WHQL) Network management tools version 50.09 SMBus driver version 4.50 (WHQL) with updated uninstaller files Installer version 4.93 SATA RAID driver version 6.21 (WHQL) IDE driver version 6.21 (WHQL) RAIDTOOL application version 6.21 . Now I installed xp64 with the raid disabled in the bios using a disk on sata-1. No problems at all. I then enabled the raid in the bios and booted XP no problem. I then proceeded to install the nforce drivers but I said no to installing the nvidia ide drivers. I had heard that this causes problems so I said no. The installation went ok and I checked the device manager and it shows the devices no problem. The problem is that RAIDTOOL is nowhere to be found! I can find it in a directory as but it has not been installed at all. Any ideas? Was saying no to the nvidia raid not a good idea? Thanks