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  1. Portuguese (Brazilian) translation updated for v1.7.2. portuguese_brazil.rar
  2. Updated Portuguese (Brazilian) translation and one more place that can't be translated (i didn't notice this before ). portuguese_brazil.rar
  3. I don't know if it's just me, but the installer is giving me "(Default)" as Start Menu -> Programs folder and if i leave like that the fould will be indeed (Default).
  4. Use jane, its much better and it's updated often. It's a NSIS installer (use /S switch).
  5. Updated Portuguese (Brazil) translation. Some text can't be translated btw (look at attached images). portuguese_brazil.rar
  6. Can you make a Portuguese (Brazil) Extreme version? Please!
  7. RapidShare mirrors for Nero- MD5: 99329DA9221EA993709C85829B607F9C SHA-1: C62FBE18284958892D5FAE2F956C92723CCB1E54 Nero- MD5: 757E2630FD3CB552F659F16B381758EF SHA-1: 1DF238EBF03BA1CBDD75762646E80ABF61FDF4F1
  8. Acheron you can use and to host the new releases, both support Download Managers/Accelerators.
  9. Portuguese Brazilian version is included in European installer. Sorry, i was thinking that the installers have only one language, like the earlier 7.x installers.
  10. Hey Acheron, can you make a Nero Micro 8 in Portuguese (Brazil) ? Please !
  11. You must have selected many applications (I selected only Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Support For clip-art for don't get errors)
  12. Ini for Office 2003 Portuguese (Brazil) [Language] lang=Portuguese (Brazil) dir=1046 retry=&Repetir title=Microsoft Office Professional Edição 2003 error=Erro [Directory] Office Source=* Office Target=* [Files] Office Setup EXE file=INSTALAR.EXE Office Setup MST file=* [Version] Number=11.0.5510.0