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  1. Where in the registry can I find the registration key?
  2. I have activated the account and gave it a password. secpol.msc is not in Home Premium. Is there a back way to rename the account? Local users and groups is not in the manage console.
  3. Can Windows 7 be installed on a mini Netbook from a flash drive?
  4. Thanks, I downloaded en_windows_7_beta_dvd_x86_x15-29073.iso Posted 12/22/2008. When I ran setup, I formated the 200 GB partition and the OS parttion. The install time was shorter than the previous version. The drive is a new 500GB Seagate. The format time is less than 30 seconds. The Ultimate version install is 10.2 GB.
  5. They are listed as: en_windows_7_beta_checked_build_dvd_x86_x15-29063.iso Posted 12/30/2008 en_windows_7_beta_dvd_x86_x15-29073.iso Posted 12/22/2008 I am getting the newer one. I don't why they have more than one.
  6. Is there an easy way for users to find their files on the web site, without exposing all of the files? It is a Linux server platform and don’t have time to learn mysql. Maybe a drop down menu?
  7. Beta 2 key does work. 5384 was OK. RC1 should be much better. Downloaded and upgraded in less than 4 hours.
  8. How do you get it back?
  9. Adobe Photoshop Elements works without errors. Adobe Premiere Elements will install but fails to load.
  10. My D-link picked up a IP address from the router as soon as Vista installed. I did turn off all the warnings.
  11. Got mine in 5 days.
  12. Ordered DVD set from Microsoft 06/14/06. Received 06/19/06. Both X86 and 64bit were included. Installed X86 on Intel P 4 2.8GHz, Radeon 128MB Video, 1 GB Memory, 250GB SATA WD HD. Aero enabled. Less than 50 min. Installed Office 2003. Activated. No problems encounterd.
  13. Great program.
  14. Could you point me to instructions on setting up a dual boot? I will be using two drives. Thanks in advance.