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  1. Premièrement bonjour. Deuxièmement c'est un site Français donc il est en Français, il n'y a aucune raison pour que l'anglais soit obligatoire. Il n'y a pas que l'anglais dans la vie. Troisièmement si je me suis trompé de section tu peux déplacer le topic non ?
  2. hello, You can to delet Spark and to attribute for me
  3. Hello, I created a website to browse through the resources in Windows. It's not over, I would add a search engine. And I hope to do the same for Windows Vista and 7. If you have any suggestions or found a bug, I listen (in french and english ^^). Ressources Windows XP
  4. I am sorry for my delay The link is dead ! Download Constructor 2.0.5 (Frensh / English) lang\lang-english.inf ==> lang\lang-german.inf
  5. Hello Thank you, of the community
  6. New version available >Proinstall v2.0.5 Build 420<
  7. New version ProInstall V2.0.4
  8. Calmos. Je ne t’ai pas remercié ici car les fichiers lang0.inf et lang1.inf sont issus de la communauté Win-Web, pas de Mais si tu es à la recherche de la gloire pas de problème je rajoute ton nom. Au fait, ta traduction est déjà fournie dans le pack de langue avec le fichier Français Gently. I did not thank you here because the files lang0.inf and lang1.inf result from the community Win-Web, not But as you seek glory apparently, I add your name. Your translation is already provided in the pack of language with the French file
  9. Update of my post
  10. Thank you for your contribution If other people want to take part and translate into other languages, do not hesitate. Thank you, of the community
  11. Hello everybody New version : v2.0.5 Build 420 Proinstall v2.0.5 Build 420 is from now multi languages, it is already in Frensh, English and Arabic. If you are voluntary to translate the file lang.inf, do not hesitate : Site of the editor Topic Download Constructor 2.0.5 (Frensh / English) Download Execuror 2.0.5 Download plugin MP3 Download the files Arabic lang.inf For future languages : 1) Copy files " lang1.inf, lang2.inf, lang3.inf, ... " in the folder " lang " 2) Select your language