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  1. Thanks Fernando, When you mean to install the Nforce SATA drivers after I have completed the setup, does this mean after I have installed Windows XP onto the SATA hard drive? Also, is it better to use the SATA drivers in the LEGACY or SATA_IDE folder? Seems like using either one is ok.
  2. Thanks Fernando, I'm new to SATA so I'll ask a couple more questions. I just want to use my 3 SATA drives in regular mode (non RAID) Is it better to use the Nforce SATA drivers from the SATA_IDE folder than the Windows SP SP2 ones since I'm assuming that the Nforce SATA drivers are probably more optimized than the Windows SATA drivers? If I were to use the Nforce SATA drivers from the SATA_IDE folder, when I see the F6 during install, do I just ignore it and continue on with the install? Also, what is the difference between the LEGACY folder and the SATA_IDE folder since a lot of the files seem to be overlapping. Thanks Tony
  3. Hello, I just purchased the DFI Lanparty Ultra-D AMD motherboard with 3 SATA hard drives that I want to use in a non-RAID configuration (just want to use as regular hard drives). I'm a bit confused as to whether to use the LEGACY or SATARAID subfolder when I want to integrate the drivers into nlite. Would just integrating the SATARAID folder be enough for Windows XP to regonize the SATA hard drives as regular drives? Also, when installing the OS with the drivers integrated, do you still have to hit F6 to install the drivers or is it done automatically? One last question, the DFI motherboard also has the Silicon Image 3114 SATA RAID controller on it. Can you also slipstream the SI 3114 drivers into the image also? I'm assuming you cannot since I'm already slipstreaming the Nvidia SATA drivers already. Thanks for the help.