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  1. Hi Fernando, THanks for the feedback. I previously tried to install XP from a brand new XP CD (already at SP2), but it fails with the same problem (freezes when formating or partitioning). Seagate support said to try installing the SATA drivers during installation, which is what brought me here! I think it's beginning to look like there is a major incompatibility between the Seagate SATA II disks and the Asus motherboard. Ben
  2. Hi, Has anyone been having problems getting an ASUS A8N-SLI motherboard working with the Seagate 500GB SATA II drives under XP? I've followed the instructions in the first message here to integrate the Nvidia Nforce4 SATA drivers from the 6.70 distribution (using the legacy directory), but it doesn't work. Basically the PC freezes when it gets to the formating stage in the XP setup (same as it did when installing from the original XP CD without the integrated drivers). Also, I have tried adding the jumper on the drive to reduce it to 1.5Gb/sec speeds (as recommended on the Seagate website - though the motherboard is supposed to fully support SATA II), and updated the motherboard BIOS to 1014, but nothing works. I've got 4 of the Seagate disks and they all exhibit the same problem, so it can't be a broken disk. The BIOS recognises the disks as 500GB SATA 2, LBA. Anyway, I'm pretty much out of ideas, so any suggestions as to what I can try next would be very much appreciated! Thanks for any help. Cheers, Ben