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  1. View this site: Direct download link: 32 bit Definitions 64 bit Definitions
  2. This site might help
  3. I just want to post this for sharing with everyone. Maybe it usefull for some one still search for it, I think we can use it to deploy with windows unattend. Detail from Microsoft website: Microsoft Help and Support Direct download: x86-based versions of Windows x64-based versions of Windows Itanium-based versions of Windows May be use with "/s" for package. Example: "WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe /s" or extract with WinRAR or 7-Zip to a folder and use switch "/quiet /norestart" for "wusetup.exe". Example: "C:\WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86\wusetup.exe /quiet /norestart"
  4. If you put setup.iss in the same folder with setup.exe you don't need to use switch [/f] just run setup.exe /s
  5. I found this Download the Shockwave and Flash Player (Complete Standalone Installer) The package includes both Shockwave and Flash Players and is a stand alone installation.
  6. ymsgr750_811_us.exe /S <---- that's it
  7. What is it for ?, can you tell more detail about : how to use ?, and how it works ?