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  1. Thanks MDGx. I thought so, but, I wanted to make sure before I formated the hard drive with Win ME on it. (too much hassel to get it back) Now, on to trying to make my un-attended cd Keep up the great job Brad
  2. I apoligize for putting this in the wrong place before. After @a year with XP I decided to come back to 98. It's nice to see this place is still just as active as ever. I have my ME on a HP "rescue" two disc set. The only way I could access the files needed was to install ME on the HP compputer on a spare hard drive. Now I want to use the extra hard drive for something else.( test bed for unattended install) I want to copy ONLY the files needed for the 98SE2ME installation onto a cd. Do I need ALL the .cab files or just these: "* Windows Millennium Edition (ME) setup CD-ROM OR *.CAB files: ALL these CABs MUST be ANYWHERE on your local disk(s)/partition(s) into the SAME directory/folder: BASE2.CAB CATALOG.CAB DRIVER5.CAB DRIVER6.CAB DRIVER7.CAB MINI.CAB NET3.CAB NET4.CAB PRECOPY1.CAB WIN_10.CAB WIN_11.CAB WIN_12.CAB WIN_13.CAB WIN_14.CAB WIN_15.CAB WIN_16.CAB WIN_17.CAB WIN_18.CAB WIN_19.CAB WIN_20.CAB WIN_21.CAB WIN_22.CAB WIN_8.CAB WIN_9.CAB" What I would like to do is to put the .cab files on a cd along with the 98SE2ME file. Would they be recognized in the cd-rom this way? Thanks for all your help Brad
  3. Having trouble with 98SE2ME not installing

    I just finished re-installing everything from clean install of 98 through 98SE2ME, including SP2.1a. This time I got 632 files installed. (option 1) Thanks for the "Killer Replacements" - Great job! Brad
  4. Having trouble with 98SE2ME not installing

    I was using option #1 Win98 is installed on drive "C". Since I'm starting out with a brand new hard drive, I will reformat and start all over using the new 3-19-2006 edition. Thanks for your help. I'll let you know how it turns out. Brad
  5. I have followed all the instructions to the best of my ability, but, 98SE2ME refuses to install. I'm using version 98 SE 4. 10 .2222 A and version ME 4. 90 .3000 which is an OEM recovery set. 98SE2ME will not recognize the recovery cd's so I installed ME on a seperate hard drive hooked up as drive "D". 98SE2ME finds the files in "D:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS\WIN_10.CAB". Then runs through the extracion process and at the end it gives a very long list of "path not found". When I re-start I see this: WS\SYSTEM\GDI.W98>NUL C:\>IF EXSIST C:\9!M\GDI.EXE COPY/ Y C:\9!M\GDI.EXE C:\9S2M\SYSTEM>NUL Path not found - C: 9S2M\SYSTEM C:\>IF EXIST C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\USER32.DLL C:\9!M\ATTRIB.COM/B +A -H -R -S C:WINDOWS\SYSTEM\USER32.DLL>NUL C:\>IF EXIST C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\USER32.DLL COPY/ Y C:WINDOWS\SYSTEM\USER.DLL C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\USER.W98>NUL C:\IF EXIST C:\9!M\USER.DLL COPY/ Y C:\9!M\USER32.DLL C:\9S2M\SYSTEM>NUL Path not found - C:9S2M\SYSTEM C:\>IF EXIST C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\USER.EXE C:9!M\ATTRIB.COM/B +A -H -R -S C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\USER.EXE>NUL C:\>IF EXIST C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\USER.EXE COPY/ Y C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\USER.EXE C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\USER.W98>NUL C:\IF EXIST C:\9!M\USER.EXE COPY/ Y C:\9!M\USER.EXE C:9S2M\SYSTEM>NUL Path not found - C:\9S2M\SYSTEM C:\>IF EXIST C:\9!M\98MEDOS.BAT C:\9!M\98MEDOS.BAT Can someone point me in the right direction to correct this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Brad