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  1. Well, replaced the CPU today and still get the error! Just getting Event 120: Machine Check Event reported is a fatal memory hierarchy error. Trasaction Type: 3 Memory Hierarchy Level: 3 Request Type: 13 Address: 18446735140177573855 Don't know what else to do! Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Thank you Cluberti. I just had an advanced replacement sent to me. Should be here by Friday. What is Prime95?
  3. wow CPU?!? I am going to follow up with AMD 2morrow Thanks!
  4. Nope, all settings in BIOS as "Safe" settings No overclocking at all.
  5. I have read some posts regarding the Machine Check Event reported is a fatal memory hierarchy error (WMIxWDM) errors. There have been no resolution except for Microsoft telling you to upgrade your PC to the latest BIOS...which was done and didn't work. I have a gigabyte K8U 939 MOBO with the AMD x2 3800 Dual Processor. A GeForce 5500 Dual Video card and 2 (1 gig) CORSAIR Chips - Running Dual DDR Enabled. Any idea why these Events 120 and 123 keep coming up? The system is a dual boot system and these errors only appear running XP Pro x64 not XP Pro. And yes, I have updated the AMD drivers, tested and replaced the memory as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Mike
  6. I get the same exzact error. In fact I have my system to dual boot XP Pro and XP Pro x64. The WMIxWDM only comes up with the XP Pro x64 OS. Have you found a solution?