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  1. If you did a clean install of 98se and you installed the sevice pack 2.1.a, You can go to windows update to get more updates. You should then be good to go.
  2. As it turned out the problem I was having with the cd-rom drive was a hardware problem. I replaced the cd-rom drive with a new dvd-rom drive. It now is working great. I find it odd that the problem I was having was just after I installed the 98se 2.1a service pack. Thanks for your help erpdude8
  3. I tried to uninstall the service pack windows won't let me, error message can't find inf file. I''m using ide cable.
  4. After I installed the service pack on a clean install of 98se every thing was doing great, audio works, online no problem, usb works everything worked. Now both my cd-rom drives (Sony drives) will now crash 90% of the time. I'm thinking drivers. Is there any thing I might be able to do. What driver could it be? I thought of reinstalling the software that came with the drives. Any help would be great!
  5. I just did a clean install of 98se. I need to get as many updates as possible. If I install this service pack 2.1a , how well will it perform and is there a lot of problems. I would like some answers before I would install. I would like some help on this. Thanks, AL