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  1. When you set up norton antivirus it tries to schedule regular virus scans. task scheduler needs to be running for it to do this. Have you disabled task scheduler somewhere in your set up? maybe there is a switch you could use with your NAV setup that will prevent it from scheduling virus scans?
  2. Sorry, hadn't looked at it for a while! It still hasn't helped me much tho. I'm sorry if it's a really lame question (or if 'm being annoying!), but do you know anywhere I can get a bit more information on them? for example do i need to install pop3service to recieve email with outlook express? or is for some sort email server? same question for iis_smtp? thx for any help.
  3. Any chance of an explanation of what all these components actually are and if we need them or not? I know some of them are obvious or already documented but some of them I've got no idea about!