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  1. Hi, I m facing problem when i use Remote Assistance to connect my IBM laptop with my client system it work as normal. But when i use full control and do some task on client system as soon as i disconnect my currect profile corrupt in that sences that when ever i press any key from keyboard some key produce some junk character's. but if i create new user account and then use then ever thing is normal. i mean every time when ever i get full control on client PC and do some task and after that disconnect my user profile corrupt. Any body have idea what the problem is it some virus problem or Laptop hardware problem. But i dont think so bcoz it work after new create user login as normal i gusse some OS file or some setting Problem. I m using Window's XP Pro with SP2 Thanks Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  2. First of all wish a very happy holi all of u. My self sunny. I need some info regarding Oracle Installation. let me know where i post my Query. Thanks........