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  1. Hi im newish here and i need a hand concerning slipstreaming raid drivers into a sp2 xp. i followed ferdinands guide and selected the "legacy" folder to be incorperated into the disk, i then burnt teh iso created all seemed fine, but when running the install when it goes to start windows (bit were u choose hdd etc) it hangs keyboard flashes then nothng. I guess this could be me not doing the slipstream right as this the first time ive done it. This has all come about because even with F6 floppy (new DFI one) i still cant install Xp either on Raid or SATA and this is my last ditch hope before i RMA this mobo. im trying to install on to 2 raptor hdd on raid-0 and have been trying to get my rig working for the past 3 weeks. could any1 help me please. My pc 146 amd opteron Dfi- ultra D x800xt 480W antec true blue 2 WD raptors.