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  1. After looking through the forums for a little over a month now I finally decided to jump in here. I have a Supermicro AW4020c-t server with the H8DCE mb. I have been trying for a little over 6 weeks to get a raid 1 configured. I have tried nLite and a couple others without any luck. It blue screens right after the textmode just as it goes to the GUI install. If I disable the raid it installs but the cdrom starts giving read errors and won't load any drivers. I sent the board back once and when I got it back the same old thing. Supermicro said to box up the whole system and they will take a look at it . The system has 2 Opteron 246 cpu's - 4 gigs of samsung ddr400 memory - 4 hitachi sataII 160gb hdd - sony dvd+-wr and a 128mb geforce 5700 video card. Any suggestions before I crate it up?? BTW the raid rom is v4.81. Any help is appreciated TonyC