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  1. can't figure out why serial wont stick in nLite

  2. I'm Sorry about posting at the wrong place. Thanx for moving it. I can tell you that I have tried entering this site from two different computers at home. And it's not working. Would realy love to be able logging in because I have no chanse at entring the forum as guest, and I just downloaded Win7 from MS and would like to play with it. Scratch my head at this problem.
  3. Have problems at home entering this forum. Have to say I often dont log in and write in any topics. Im hear to learn form the smart guys and have not realy any thing to contribute. Could have said thanx more then once. But back to my problem. When Im at home I cant log in, and cant read any thing from the forum, only here at work. Any one who can tell me what the problem migh be?
  4. AnyDVD workd great