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  1. i did that and everything is great, i do have one thing that bugs me. in the task bar by the time i have a icon that says safely remove hardware, when i click on it has my raid drives there. i want that gone. but other than that its great . nlite rocks
  2. i got everything installed but now xp wont reconize my cd-rom. how can i fix this?
  3. i think so , i followed the tread at the begining and moved a file from the legacy folder to the sataraid and ect... then i intergrated the drivers in textmode. i think i did it right. i will have a add on sound card so do i need the audio drivers?here is a copy of what i did. tell me if its right. never mind i dont know how to do a screenshot.
  4. im lost you said to :Take the nForce chipset driver package 6.70. There is no need for you to move files around - just integrate the LEGACY subfolder as TEXTMODE driver and you will succeed. but then you said later to follow the post at the start of this tread, which does involve moving folders around. i just dont want to screw up.
  5. 1 last question, im trying to make a slipstream disk for a whole new computer build. i have the above mentioned board and a amd3700+, 7800gt oc,2 gigs of muskin, creative audigy gamer,cable modem,winxp. i think that does it. i tried to read as much of these post as i can. ive got the sp2 and xp slipstream now i need to finish the rest of the nlite program. as in raid drivers, hotfixes and what else would you suggest to make this as quick and
  6. great. made a typing mistake. so i dl the 6.70 files and intergrate them into nlite and thats all? sorry im new at this.
  7. i just got a new m/b and dont know which chipset drivers to use. its a gigabyte gn-k8n pro-sli. not sure as to which nv4 drivers to install into nvlite. and i will be running sata raid. so do i need to do that file thing at the start of the post where i move files around?