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  1. Quite simply, I hate restarting my computer. I usually do it twice a month on average and only if I really have to. There is only one driver that is not yet available for XP64 on my computer but it's the driver for my remote control and I use it quite often to watch movies or shows on my projector. However, it's an ATI remote and should eventually be supported in XP64 (as all their video cards are). I might then consider the switch. Grrr... that is the most stupid thing I have ever heard! Why do they do that? Ah. I get it. They want to sell a new OS for those who don't have a 64bit CPU too. I just hope that the 64bit version will be pushed harder on the markets than the XP64 one ever was.
  2. Actually, I think I'll wait for the jump to 64 bit. I might wait for Vista as 90% of what I do on my computer would probably not improve on a 64bit version. I mostly play games and browse. I do some video editing but not enough to risk loosing everything through a RAID0 crash for a small performance improval. If and when I try WinXP64, I'll be sure to leave a note here.
  3. For the nVRAID driver choice and preparation, How about those of us with a nForce 430/410 chipset? The 8.22 Driver package from Nvidia has one SATA_IDE and one SATARAID folder but no LEGACY folder. Would this work?: 1) copy the NVATA.CAT, NVCOI.DLL and NVIDE.NVU from the SATA_IDE into the SATARAID folder 2) download the x64 driver package 6.67 (made for nForce4 AMD) and copy the NVATAX64.INF from the LEGACY subfolder into the SATARAID subfolder of the 8.22 (made for nForce 430/410) package. 3) Use the now ready SATARAID folder to import the drivers in nLite. Thank you!
  4. 1. Both CAT files are within the driver package I have sent to you.2. You should not remove the SCSI/RAID drivers. 1. I should always use a FRESH Windows XP image to work with. I had used a messed-up one (one that I had worked with the wrong drivers). Once I tried with a fresh one... 2. It worked!... ...but I ended up with no access to my DVD-RW as the IDE drivers were not there anymore. After looking deeper into the INF files, the NVIDIA IDE drivers seem to be a layer of drivers that go OVER the standard IDE drivers... weird. But it may also be because I forgot to not-remove the SCSI/RAID drivers. However, since I had integrated the Ethernet drivers too I managed to connect to the backup computer (and the internet) and import the needed drivers. So it finally worked! Now, I'll ghost this installation on a DVD and try the same thing with WinXP 64 bit. I should have tried with the 64 bit first but I had worries (not founded anymore) about drivers for my hardware. Thank you! P.S.: To anyone: I'd strongly suggest using CD-Rs rather than CD-RWs. I managed to do my tests with my CD-RW but some not too important files (USRobotics files come to mind) were unreadable during install. The same files were perfectly readable with my final CD-R version.
  5. Also, at the installation, setup couldn't copy nvata.cat and nvraid.cat It might have something to do with the fact that I had removed the "Windows Original" SCSI/RAID drivers. I will try to rebuild the CD without removing those drivers...
  6. I received the files. I used them. The RAID0 array was recognized for the first time for the installation. However, I ended up with an endless reboot after complete installation. I will look at the other pages to see if someone has found the source and solution of this problem.
  7. I PMed you my email! I have an Asrock 939NF4G-SATA2 that I want to mount in RAID0 for WinXP Pro on two Western Digital SATA II 200 gigs (WD2000JS). I will post the results as soon as I can!