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  1. Good one,dude! Thanks for sharing.
  2. You guyz have come to the right place. Welcome home!
  3. Thanks people B)
  4. I'm 23, just finished 22nd on this March 16, 2006
  5. Hohohohoho.... really cool and witty too!
  6. Wow! that's what we call funny,dude!
  7. Cool,dude
  8. hahahahahah... the daredevil guy!
  9. Good points are made,hh! I liked it.
  10. lool... another good joke on Bush-Iraq stuff
  11. My name is my username - Devang
  12. Good one, Thanks for sharing.
  13. Hi Everyone This is Devagn from India. I was given the link of this forum by a friend of mine and I was stunned to learn the high activity of this forum, amazing! Ok few words about me. I'm 23, diploma Computer science holder. My interests are playing cricket, watching movies, listening to Music and traveling to various places. Looking forward to make many friends here.