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  1. ... If I remember this correctly, Microsoft designates the licensing by CPU, not the cores in the CPU. So my guess is you'd be safe as long as you were working to access ONE multicore CPU. Good luck...
  2. ... Here's one of the simplest shells I'm aware of, LiteShell: http://www.labyrinth.net.au/~mosses/rob/liteshell.html
  3. ... Maybe there's a system policy somewhere that will take care of it. Here are some links: http://www.zisman.ca/poledit/ http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q147381/
  4. ... Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to your question, but I'll try to help anyway, given the responses you've received thus far... ... He's not asking if 98 will work with more than 512MB of memory, he's asking if 98 can USE more than 512MB of memory. If 98 can't use it, he was thinking of just using the extra memory as a ram drive for the swap file... (personally, I'd check out this forum and see about putting 98 on that ram drive instead)
  5. ... If you're willing to give up your Links folder in Internet Explorer, you can use it as a toolbar with cascading folders. I've replaced my Quicklaunch toolbar with it...
  6. ... Awesome! Thank you...
  7. So, I've recently stumbled upon this particular corner of the world, and some link in some post led me to some ideas on virtualplastic.net. I was interested in trying out the program eFX, but the link they have leads to the guy's resume, and there doesn't appear to be anything else at his site. Googling for downloads just leads to places linked to his site. Can anyone send a clue my way?