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  1. I see, I will post more info on my mobo and BIOS version when I can for future reference.
  2. Whoops: will edit post. my bad ^^;; Should make more sense now, thought I was posting somewhere else lol. I would just to like to point out even though my nv RAID BIOS ver. was less than 4.84 - its 4.81 I was able to use the latest nv RAID drivers - 6.70 and had no problems with XP seeing my setup properly.
  3. I used nlite 1.0 RC7. If you need more info let me know: I used the method on the first post of this thread and now XP see's my RAID array instead of two HD's! Btw, XP was seeing the RAID array as two HD's sized (130/140GB rather than 250GB). For my setup I used the latest nforce4 drivers (6.70) and nvidia RAID BIOS 4.81. The mobo itself is a GA-K8N Ultra SLi. And the HD's are SATA 150 HD's - 250GB Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm, 8MB cache. The two disks are in a RAID 0 Stripe. This might of been mentioned but if not: The problem seems to be XP doesn't know crap all about SATA drives. Also when you use F6 XP will use those drivers but then discard them and use its own instead of installing them. That's why I using nlite to make a custom install disk that does install them works. Consequently using my custom disk XP now sees my RAID array as one disk sized about 465GB! Other source/s of information: